How Do You Spend Your Time?

A friend asked, “now that you are not working full-time, how do you spend your spare time?” Well the answer can be capsulized into this simple statement: Filling and then emptying both the body and the mind.

Filling The Body: Rather than the busy work-aholic skipping breakfast, “grabbing” something fast for lunch, and then eating unhealthy dinners… I now have time to focus more on what is going in my body – and to take time (and enjoyment) in preparing many meals.

Emptying The Body: Once you have successfully fueled your body, taking enough time to burn off those calories can take a good part of the day (and it is typically a “very good” part of my day). That includes: tennis, stretching, weights, and some walking/biking

Filling The Mind: Gaining more free time, allows people to change the daily focus of their brain from solving business problems to more recreational mind activities. Reading (fiction, nonfiction, tennis) is at the top of that list. Then there are all those great movies, TV shows, sports and newscasts that are available online and on the big screen 24/7. And being with entertaining family and friends can fill the mind with joy and great conversation.

Emptying The Mind: As we gain the perspective of many decades behind us, there is the huge opportunity to “give back.” That can take many forms… sharing with your children, grandchildren, friends, or charities. For me, WRITING is one great way of “emptying the mind.” This blog is a regular way to open up and communicate with tennis friends around the country.

And the question that started this little treatise also started something else … I am working the project of writing “Senior Tennis and Fitness” … THE BOOK!

2 thoughts on “How Do You Spend Your Time?

  1. Too many things to do, seems less time than when working,certainly less efficiently.
    Tennis,fitness,swimming,reading,painting,sculpting,walking the dogs.
    Really great to hear about the book. Will be first on the list to purchase!

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