Playing With a Wimbledon Champ

We had the pleasure of playing some good doubles with newly-returned Naples native and 1977 Wimbledon Women’s Doubles Champion, Joanne Russell (who is now teaching at Grey Oaks in Naples).

Pictured (left to right) are my partner Hal Atzingen, Joanne, and Spike Gonzales.

During a changeover, Spike asked her if the story he heard about her and Silvia Hanika was true. Joanne said it was and repeated it for us …

She was having a great singles tournament at Wimbledon and had beaten Silvia to “earn” a quarterfinal match against Martina Navratilova. In here post match interview, Silvia was asked about Joanne’s match the next day vs. Martina and commented, “Joanne Russell doesn’t have a chance at beating Martina!”

Then when Joanne was asked about that negative predication, she quipped, “I now have a better chance than Silvia does.”

Good luck to Joanne back here in Naples.

Nadal: Did you see the Murray/Nadal final from Tokyo over the weekend?! Murray CRUSHED Rafa in the third set 6-0 … and it wasn’t even that close. Nadal won only FOUR POINTS in that third and deciding set.

REMINDER: I will be reporting on many more great tennis Legends, as our annual Tennis Fantasies Camp at Newk’s starts on Sunday! More to come (“ready or not”).

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  1. George, I’m sure you know, but JoAnne won the 1975 NCAA doubles title with Trinity teammate Donna Stockton , sister of Dick Stockton.

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