When Your Balls Get Heavy

Recently, I played a singles match just after the rain stopped and the HarTru court was playable, but still damp; so the balls really picked up a lot of moisture and changed the game. What should you do?

Well, if it is just a “fun match,” you and your opponent can agree to change balls at any time. But if you can’t or don’t, the heavier balls will really start to impact the game. I think the conditions will favor the player who hits with more loopy topspin and/or is the retriever, because he will be able to get to more shots.

Here are some tips to consider:

The Serve will come up short and frequently in the net; so serve deeper, and actually aim for the service line
Footwork is critical. Stay on the balls of your feet and move them, otherwise the ball will come up short and you will be reaching for the shot
Shot placement should be deeper than normal. Aim your shots deep in the court, otherwise it will be in the net
Arm problems can be impacted in just one match. The really heavy balls will affect any arm weakness you already have.

Of course, you could always go drink a beer instead of playing in poor conditions!

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