USTA and ITF Issues

What’s happening with the proposed (ill-planned) changes to the USTA Super Senior doubles leagues? + a note about ITF rankings.

First the rankings… Larry Turville, Florida tennis officiando (and unbeatable singles player) writes:

George, Thought it might be worth mentioning that players who wish to have a ITF ranking should get their PIN numbers before Oct 1st. Before Oct 1st the PIN is free and after costs something (I think $20). Pretty much only the Nationals next year will be ITF at a Level 3.

No More 60 doubles….

As reported on April 21st (“Your Tennis Shop is Closing”), the USTA, in their infinite wisdom, is eliminating the 60 Super Senior Doubles League and National Championship category … in favor of having a 55 and 70’s groupings, starting in 2013.

My understanding is that the New England region will NOT even offer the 70’s category.

Does anyone know the status of this poor move in Florida or other parts of the country?

Is this poor idea reversible?

For a fuller reminder of the excellent dialogue we had on this subject, please check the earlier posting. Some facts supplied then by former USTA board member Jack Moter were:

Adult 55 and Over: 3 doubles matches (6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0); national program
Adult 70 and Over: 3 doubles matches (6.0, 7.0, 8.0); Strongly encouraged at Section and Local levels. Will become National Program (i.e. offer a National Championship) when the division meets the minimum criteria established by USTA League Committee (approximately 20,000 players and implemented in at least 12 Sections)

6 thoughts on “USTA and ITF Issues

  1. The restructuring of the USTA age groupings nationwide will be implemented in Florida in the league year of 2013 meaning the early start leagues that play in October of 2012 in Florida will utilize the restructuring. All of the previous named leagues which are Adult, Senior, Super Senior, Adult Mixed, Senior Mixed, Super 70’s will be eliminated and the new names are:

    – Adult-18+, two singles + three doubles;
    – Adult 40+, two singles, three double3s,
    – Adult 55+, three doubles,
    – Adult Mixed 18+,
    – Adult Mixed 45+,
    – The Adult 55+ which is replacing the Super Senior name will have a national championship.
    – Adult 70+, three doubles.

    Using your language, this poor idea is not reversible. It is a done deal with or without popular support. I should mention that many USTA players had input on the idea prior to inception and there were a good number participating from Florida making up a cross section across the US I was not asked for an opinion although USTA Collier has the largest segment of the “Senior and Super Senior” Categories in the Florida Section. Now that it is a done deal, I must support the program.

  2. Linda – I understand your awkward position. And i also understand that the 70’s will NOT have a 4.5 category; and thus anyone carrying that rating would have to team with a 3.5 in order to play at all!

  3. In defense of the new system it looks like they have made a reasonable reorganization of the age groups. Now if you are 65 you have to wait another 5 years, but at least you’re playing against 55+ and not 50+. With the 8.0 div. a 4.5 could play with a 3.5. Seems like there aren’t going to be that many 4.5’s in the 70’s to make it an issue. These changes look mostly from common sense, but they are changes.

  4. Larry – it would seem to me like most all of the “tournament players” (like you) would carry a 4.5 rating into their 70’s.

  5. Welcome back George!! These new ratings are rediculous. Those of us that are 4.5’s and over 70 and have been playing for years together now have to either drop down to 4.0’s or go out and find new partners that have 3.5 ratings. I thought the USTA wanted tennis players. They are making it awfully hard to have fun.

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