The Serena Redemption?

Has she REALLY changed? Most recent interviews with Serena, before and after matches, has her saying that her near-death health issues have “given her a new perspective” on life and tennis. But is it real or is it hype?

According to a cynic tennis friend of mine, her words are all hollow and orchestrated by her PR handlers to take advantage of this opportunity to improve her image (read: endorsements).

But since I have had my own trip to the edge of the health cliff and come away feeling even more thankful for life and all that comes with it, I cut her more slack.

Serena has been quoted as saying, “If tennis has missed us half as much as we’ve missed tennis, we’re in a good place. This is a comeback that’s totally different from any other comeback.”

“Do you think it is real or Memorex”? (From an old TV commercial)

7 thoughts on “The Serena Redemption?

  1. I think that anybody who uses the royal “we” instead of the first person “I” is so full of himself or herself that he/she cannot be believed. This must be a PR ploy.

  2. i cannot believe this reply actually came from Marty Judge… it is only 33 words long!!!!

  3. The opening ceremony for Tennis Heritage Garden in Indian Wells in 2001 took place in my museum display, thanks to the wisdom of Charly Passarell. Charlei had talked me into collecting at one of me attending the Tennis Fantasie Week, one of the best experiences (over 10 years!). Serian and Venus’ mothert visited the exhibit and thought that the display was incredibale and Venus and Serena sould see it. I offered to have a special visiting time for them without any public prsent. I have met them and Richard when they were not even teens yet (I have a photo to prove this). One hour before they had to play against each other in the semies in Indian Wells, Ricahrd decided that Venus was injured. The visitors had paid big time money to see their battle, but no they saw a doubles semi final instead. Ricahred told me that afternoon that his girls had no time to visit the museum display (a $1 million display). I sold this collection the next year to Tennis Australia. Roy Emerson, Rod Laver, Jack Kramer, just to name a few were absolutle proud and stunned to see the documentation of our great sport in my museum display. The William sisters are in for the money only, they, on their advise of their dad, snobbed the museum and the spectators in Indian Wells. I hope they both retire soon with their snobbish attitude towards our sport. They want to promote themselves only! Hopefully the retirement comes very soon!

    Rolf Jaeger

  4. One of the ESPN commentators remarked Serena attended the Kadasian wedding on day she would have probably been in the finals. Suspicion rampent in delivery about her pullout, though she certainly didn’t appear well during her last match.

  5. They Do deserve a break… Let’s face it: in 2001, they were still Very young, and their Parents were doing Best for them always. Over the years their injuries have been More than considerable, & when they played each other; they really played ( & grunted) the Hardest. And tournament Tennis is the best formula for maximizing injuries yet devised… Short of using our racket on our opponent (forget the ball) ..
    ( for Marty) Her “We” ; I’m sure refers to her & Venus… They are practically inseparable. AND their agreement ( I’ve heard) is that they’ll play in the 2012 Olympics. Too bad Chicago lost for 2016… ( A great excuse to play 4 more years)
    For Rolf: : Really sorry the way that year turned out in Palm Springs. I Myself used to always love coming there… BUT I Did find it to be a bit more racist there, than the rest of California… Let’s be honest! For example, I had dinner at the VFW there; & my friend in Palm Springs Bragged that no Black had Ever Joined that branch. That was in say 1998 or so. Wanna find out if it’s Still true to this day? Like they say, ” Tough Crowd”
    I think the right description for the Williams Sisters came from Bill Walton ( re Coach Wooden)… Of course I’ve always been a fan… ( I. T. ) (Not to be made public)… Their heads ARE big enough already…

  6. After watching her talk to the umpire in the finals of the US Open, I find it hard to believe that she has changed, I did not believe when she first said, but her display of words certified to me that it was just hot air, but then who cares about what she says?

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