The French Final Four

The top three women’s seeds have been knocked out for the first time ever at the French Open. But when was the last time one of the four majors had the top four men’s seeds reach the semi’s?

I don’t have that answer; but am sure the TV announcers will tell us on Friday, when men’s play resumes. What do you think … which one of them – Rafa, Roger, Andy, or red-hot Novak – will be hoisting the trophy over their head on Sunday?

I am going to pull a Brad Gilbert and say watch out for the darkhorse, the sometimes erratic Scotsman to pull off two upsets and pull off the victory.

But if I were betting, I would say the finals would be between Rafa (who shares June 3rd as a birthday with me) and Novak. And then on Sunday, Rafa wears down The Djoker in a long, long match.

Roger? Sorry, while my heart would love to see him win one more major, I think he has lost the edge that he had on the others. While he is still a force to contend with, I don’t believe he can pull it off.

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “The French Final Four

  1. Murray CAN’T do it because he’s not healthy enough. His ankle/leg is hurt, so I just don’t think he’s able to go all out.

    I think, that FED, will calmly cause a little upset…he’s super focused and playing smartly and with a chip on his shoulder.
    If he can stay calm, and play his game and can grab the first set…he’s going to take Djok, my prediction. If Djok takes first set…all bets are off.

    Wish i could watch with a nice cold beer…..will have to sneak a lot of walks to the employee breakroom tomorrow. 🙂

  2. Sorry, but my heart still remains with one the greatest players of all time, the King, Roger Federer. Roger will play Murray in the Final and win in four sets. Go Roger Go!

  3. Hi George!! Hope you are well and enjoying that wonderful Northern weather.
    I disagree, I am going with Rafa and Roger in the final. I think the Jokes time is up!!

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