P.S. to the USTA Nationals

There were three flights of four teams each in our 9.0 division; with the winners of each and the #2 team with the best record moved

Bell Rock, Sedona
onto the semis. As it turned out, SW won our division and S California was the best second; so we had two teams move into the semis on Sunday morning.

SW beat New England 2-1 and S California beat NW Pacific 2-1; so “our” two teams played in the finals, with SW winning that one 2-1.

So even though we lost, we only lost to the two teams that went to the finals.

While they were slugging it out, DeDe and I traveled north to see some neat American Indian cave dwellings dating back to 1400 BC and then the incredible red rock formations up in Sedona (picture).

Thanks to our Captain George Morton for “soldiering” through a bad cold to coordinate all our matches; and to our teammates and their mates, who made it a great adventure.