USTA Nationals Day 2

Saturday’s first match was at noon against a very strong Southern California team. Captain Morton used the same pairings and lineup as the day before.

So Spike and I played on the third court against a solid team. The sun was high in the sky and the wind was quiet; so the weather was not a problem. Our problem in the first set was our play, which was not too strong, and our opponent’s play which was strong.

They cruised through the first set with a 6-1 victory. Spike and I settled down and played more aggressively, trying to take the net away from these two hard-court, California players. We succeeded in taking the momentum and a break up lead.

But the strong westerly wind really picked up and blew Spike, me, and our chances right off the court; and we lost 6-4 in the second.

As it turned out, we did the best of the three matches: court 1 being shut out; and court 2 losing 6-1, 6-3.

DeDe and I went back to our hotel room (just around the corner from the courts) to prepare for the second match of the day by eating double chocolate chip cookies!

Our last match of the day was at 3:30 p.m. vs. the Midwestern team (Grosspoint MI); and with the same lineup as earlier, we took the courts with the westerly wind blowing strong.

Spike and I played a good team; but another one that I felt we “should beat.” This time, we both played well … and kept on the offense the whole match.

We stayed in total control and won 6-0, 6-1. After the match our opponents commented that we “kept the pedal to the metal” the whole time.

On the first court, Bob and George faced off against their #1 team. They split the first two sets and went to a ten-pointer to decide the match. Unfortunately, they lost it and the match.

So on court #2 Matt and Dick (both 70+) squared off against two guys ten years younger in the deciding match. In spite of the age difference, our guys won the first set 6-4 and were up a break in the second.

Unfortunately, they gave it back.

But they were able to break again, hold their serve; and the Midwest team served a “nervous” game at 3-5 and were broken for the match and our only team victory 2-1.

Time now to drink some beer and reflect on the fun and the positives of … being alive, healthy, and good enough to come out west and play tennis.

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  1. Probably a 4.5 clay player is really just a 4.0 hard court player and a 4.5 hard court
    player is really just a 4.0 clay player. What do you THINK ?????

    Paul – could be! changing court surface is a big equalizer. george

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