USTA Nationals Day 1

Our first match against the team from the Southwest region (Phoenix team) started at 2 p.m., with a powerful wind blowing west to east.

Bob Dilworth and George Morton teamed up on court 1 vs. a very strong team (the stronger of the two opponents, Peter Bronson, has won 25 GOLD BALLS at national tournaments!); they played them strong at the end, losing 6-0, 7-5.

Dick Valentine and Matt Davie played on court two in another close match… losing 6-3, 7-5.

Spike and I played on court three vs. a team I thought we “should” beat. The add court player was the stronger of the two with big topspin forehand and a very good two-handed backhand. The deuce court was a the weaker of the two.

They served for the first set at 5-3; but Spike and I were able to bring it back on serve and into a tiebreaker. We took an insurmountable (?) 6-2 lead in the breaker; but ended up losing it 8-6.

In the second set, we served for the set at 5-4; but THEY brought it back on serve and into a tie breaker, with their serving and a 6-3 lead. We won the both points on their serve; but lost the first one on our serve, for a 7-6 (8-6), 7-6 (6-4) loss.

As Spike said, they beat us by four points.

The truth is they played the wind much better than we did. As an example of how strong the cross wind was… I was on the baseline and set up to hit a backhand groundstroke. By the time the ball crossed the net and got to me, it moved five feet and became a forehand (which I could not turn back to hit).

It is also very weird to play close to two hours, need to drink three bottles of 20 ounces of water and NOT SWEAT.

Two matches tomorrow.

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  1. Not that it really matters but Peter Bronson said he has 35 gold balls, all but 6 in doubles.

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