Daytona USTA Sectionals

Well, it was challenging weather for both driving and playing for our Super Senior 4.5 doubles team at the Daytona sectionals this weekend.

DeDe and I drove up Thursday and followed this huge storm that caused a tornado in Lakeland, along I-4 west of Orlando (that corridor was the victim of 6-8 inches of rain this week!). and then on our first day of play, the ‘after winds’ caused havoc with all the matches.

There are only three teams in our division: us, the Mike Melnik team from SW Florida and a very strong team from St. Pete. We figured that we had to take both matches (Friday and Saturday) against the Melnik team and split with St. Pete.

In our first match this morning at 830, Dick Valentine and Matt Davie played #1 vs. Mike Melnik and Larry Albritton, Tom and I played #2 vs. Joe Spadaro and Keith Butterfield; and Spike Gonzales and Bob Dilworth teamed at #3.

We finished in reverse order … Spike and Bob split sets, but then lost the ten point tie breaker. Tom and I played an excellent match, winning 7-6, 6-4. So it came down to the first court, which was being played on The Show Court. Matt and Dick split the first two sets … were up 6-3 in the Ten-Pointer; but ended up losing 10-8.

We waited around for a 1:30 late start against the strong St. Pete team. Bob Dilworth teamed with Paul Veltman at #1 vs. two ranked players in the 60’s, Mazzo and Florio. They gave them a tussles, but lost in two sets.

Tom and I played a tough team of Tony Ruggerio and Peter ___ who steamrolled us in two fast sets.

Dick and Matt salvaged something, pulling out a ten pointer for our only match win of the afternoon.

Saturday, we have to win both matches and hope for some help, to have any chance.

P.S. George Morton’s very strong 4.0 team from Naples got beat 2-1 in their first match.

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  1. George, enjoyd getting the Secitional update. Please give the team my best wishes for great play. This team has always represented our area well and set the bar. Cheers! Bob

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