Some Florida Tennis Items

Here are three items about Florida tennis … a new website for the Super Senior Series, notes about the top pros at Key Biscayne, and Florida’s upcoming sectionals.

Super Senior Series:
Chairman Larry Turnville shared this link to a web page that has lots of information about the series, players, and results that are now going around the Sunshine State.
• Check out Larry’s lead on points in the 60’s
• They don’t go low enough in the 65s to show me!
• If the doubles rankings are there, I cannot find them.
• Pelican Bay’s Gordon Hammes is #1 in the 75’s
• Note to Jimmy Miller: check out who is leading the 90’s
• The link is HERE

Key Biscayne:
TV coverage starts this weekend on The Tennis Channel and then switches to ESPN2 on Monday for the rest of the week.

Friends and I will be driving over on Tuesday to watch the matches. Once again, we have opted to have just the “Grandstand Reserved” seating (with no entry to the main stadium). We shall report.

Florida Sectionals:
Our 4.5 Super Senior (60’s) doubles team will be going to Daytona next weekend for the sectionals. We know some prime competition will be there from an All-Star team from the St. Pete region.

3 thoughts on “Some Florida Tennis Items

  1. George, thanks for the heads up on Mr. Swetka’s Florida tourney points.
    He had a nice trip out there, but says it’s tough to find enough 90 year olds to play
    against, so he frequently plays “down” with the young boys in the 85’s.
    By the way, he’s coming up on 94 years old, and is looking for 95-and -over tourneys!

    Jimmy – IN-Credible! george

  2. Keen update, George. Enjoy your time at that great event. I’ll pass your update on to our mates Terry Long and Emmo Sunday night… I’m MCing a dinner Terry’s staging for Roy and Vic Seixas.

    Joel – Great. Say hi to Terry for me. tks, george

  3. I need some info on the Naples Grand Super senior doubles event for a friend coming into town around the first week in April. I have survived my first ten days of Achilles reattachment for those of you who have inquired about the process. Thanks, George

    George – glad to hear you are on the mend. for more info, contact Fabio at the Grande Hotel tns center. george

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