Pelican Bay Doubles Championships

John, George, Mike, Steve
This weekend, I teamed with Mike Griner (Tom McCune is up north) in the Pelican Bay doubles against three other solid teams … in the same Saturday-seven-game-round-robin and Sunday championship format.

On Saturday, Mike and I won the first seven-game “match” vs. Rich Tarantino & Bob Hayes by a close 4-3 margin; the second seven-gamer vs. Jack Moter (my singles opponent) & John Ferry by a better 5-2 margin; but lost the last game to John Berry & Steve Morris for a 3-4 score.

But that put us in the finals on Sunday against our last opponents.

The first set was very well played with only one break of serve (against my first service game) being the difference. (4-6).

In the second set, we went Australian mostly on my serve games and rushed to a 0-5 lead. John and Steve won a few games to make it more interesting; but we held on for a 6-3 split of the first two sets.

The 10-point tiebreaker was a back and forth affair and got to a crowd-pleasing 8-8 (about 50 people anxious for the match to end and the bbq to start). Unfortunately for us, they won the last two points and the match.

Mike and I played well together; but John and Steve played just a notch better than we did.

It was a beautiful Florida Sunday and nothing I would rather be doing (win OR lose)!