Injury and Rule Questions

A Faithful Reader, Andrew Kessler writes, “11 days ago I played an extra intense doubles game for about 45 minutes longer than usual. Nothing exceptional, but the next morning I felt stiffness behind my knee, and some instability causing me to favor the leg and limp without fully extending the leg.

I’ve never had any knee injury, and from my reading, I’m hoping this is just overuse of, perhaps popliteus tendon. I’m doing the RICE thing, and I see some improvement. But I want to be very conservative. Any advice from the tennis community?”

Andrew, fortunately, I have never had any knee problems; so no first-hand experience. I hope some others out there can help.

RULE QUESTION: Playing a doubles match on Wednesday, a short, wind-blown lob landed just over the corner of the net in my add court. When it bounced up, the wind kept blowing it back toward my opponents’ side. I had to step around the side of the net post to put the ball away (with my left foot actually across that imaginary line – but not within their court lines).

We all agreed I could actually come around the side of the net post, as long as I didn’t touch the net, post, or their sideline. AGREE?

6 thoughts on “Injury and Rule Questions

  1. Wish I could have seen that! Did you have your camera rolling? Can’t wait to hear the answers, as I have no clue (but it sounds illegal for some reason!)
    Mike – Nope, no video! george

  2. Yes totally agree….further more, if needed to play the ball, I believe you CAN step on inside of the court court lines to hit the ball. I saw this once during a tournament. It was Ivan Lendl who ran around the net and hit the ball. You CAN”T touch the net or the post at anytime.

  3. It just doesn’t sound right to me that you could venture to their side of the court to hit a shot. I am going to try to find some kind of a ruling for that and get back to you later!!!

    Dick – you’re The Man when it comes to finding it in the rules! and Marc V even says you could stand INSIDE the other guy’s court. george

  4. Ref 2011 Friend at Court. Rule 24, page 16, Case 4 – Yes a player can cross an imaginary line in the extension of the net before hitting the ball provided he does not touch opponents court. I believe ok to touch the net post as it is a permanent fixture similar to a fence, umpires chair, etc.

    bob – tks for the reference! geo

  5. I know this is very late concerning the knee “stiffness” that you experienced. The good news is that if it is posterior (behind) pain in the middle of the knee that is not a problem-no significant structures there. If it is posterior, but medial or lateral, that could be a sign of a meniscus Icartliage) injury. Base it on swelling, pain, and loss of range of motion to determine seriousness. RICE is the TX – good luck.

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