Festivus Tennis

In a classic episode of the original Jerry Seinfeld Show, instead of celebrating Christmas or Chanukah, they celebrated “Festivus… the holiday for the rest of us.” Well, one tournament player has an idea that would create “a tournament for the rest of us.”

Dave Taylor of Sarasota is proposing that the USTA have a sanctioned seniors tournament in most all the standard ages that excludes the top ten players in the country. He says this would let all “the rest of us” have a meaningful tournament, with a chance of getting to the main draw final rounds.

There is a certain logic to this proposal. When I played my first-round match at the Sarasota Cat II tournament, I joked with my opponent that one of us would be smart to tank the match; so they could get into the consolation bracket (and avoid playing Hugh Thompson the next day).

Granted, there is real benefit in us lower-level players getting a chance to test our game against The Big Boys; and we could still do that at all the other tournaments. But this would be like the satellite tour in pro tennis, where the lower level players get a chance to really develop their games.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Festivus Tennis

  1. George, if I remember Festivus correctly, the holiday began with the airing of grievances. Are you sure you want to give a bunch of seniors that opportunity?

    Tim – they (we) do it anyway! george

  2. George- For me, keeping the best players out of a tournament goes cross grain to the spirit of competition.

  3. Could you combine NTRP and age brackets to come up with a tournament? Hugh Thompson and the big boys would be 5.0’s I would think. A 4.5, 60+ tournament would be pretty competitive.

    Mike – i think the logic is sound … unless they are sandbagging as 4.5s in some league. geo

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