Results, Rules, and Goals

Tom and I played in the University Park Cat II doubles consolation, had an interesting tennis rule enforced, and tried to accomplish our goals.


After losing in the first round by blowing a set and up a break lead, Tom and I tried to regroup and regain some form in the consolation doubles on Friday, after a first round bye on Thursday. In the morning semi’s, we played a good team of Bob Tilley and Bruce Mahler (both from snowy MA).

We used our superior athletic/mobility advantage and pressed the MOVEMENT we needed … and cruised to a 6-2, 6-2 victory.

In the afternoon finals, we played another good team of Dave Taylor (local) and Wolfgang Jaeger (not the Naples player; but a lefty from Pennsylvania).

Again we had the advantage of athletic ability and movement + a stiff southwestern breeze – that we used to our lobbing advantage.

We won the first set with one service break difference, 6-3. And were serving for the match at 5-3 … when it seemed like “déjà vu all over again.”

Lefty Jaeger made a great cross court service return on a first point poach of ours (yes, we kept moving the whole match!). Then I flubbed a first volley to put us down love-30. We didn’t recover and lost the game.

They served at 4-5 to try to stay in the match and bring it to a ten point deciding tiebreaker. But Tom and I quickly regrouped and broke Taylor for the match and Consolation Kings Champions, 6-3, 6-4.

The link to the full draw is below.


During a long rally, Tom was hitting a groundstroke, when one of the opponents was loudly yelling at the other. (In replaying in my mind, I think he was yelling “Move over! Move over!”… because they were both on the same side of the court.)

Tom missed the easy open-court shot due to the distraction; so we quickly called for a Let (due to “an unintentional hindrance”). They questioned our call; but agreed to replay.

After the match, we asked a roaming referee about the call; and he agreed as long as Tom either stopped play before hitting or was in the act of swinging and couldn’t stop when we made the call.


Going into these four tournaments, I had two goals: have a better than .500 record (i.e. win more matches than lose) and beat a seed.

In three doubles tournaments (I didn’t play doubles in the first one), we ended up with a record of five wins and three losses + two consolation bracket championships.

In four singles tournaments, I had an even better record of eight wins and four losses, beat two seeded players, won one consolation bracket, a “worried” Hugh Thompson for one set at least!

A good month of tennis. Now back to “normal life in Naples.”

For the full draw at University Park, please click HERE.

3 thoughts on “Results, Rules, and Goals

  1. Well done George

    No Bill, the “well done” goes to you and all the folks at University Park who put on one of the best run tournaments i have ever played at! Everything you guys did, from food to volunteer friendliness, was FIRST CLASS. Thanks. geo

  2. Congratulations, George. A great record of focus and accomplishment. Thanks for keeping us posted.

  3. George, great job, always enjoy your postings. No Fla Tennis this year, last two years of playing w/ shoulder& achilles & w/ taking 5 months off to r&r I realized that I had to endure the KNIFE—bone spurs on r/heel first then shoulder—YIKES. In my opinion if I am not 100% there is no need for me to compete. I HATE to loose!!! I,ll BE BACK!!!!!!

    Rich – missed seeing you this year. mend well and come back soon! george

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