The Halo Effect

When I took a pysch course in college, I remember the professor talking about “The Halo Effect” … people being studied will react differently (better) than normal. Well, that is what happened on the tennis court today for my second round singles match.

Spike sat by the court and “charted” my match against #5 seeded Gary Wilson (who beat me last week at Cape Coral): recording every winner, every unforced error, every missed serve, every poor drop shot, etc. etc.

Well, The Halo Effect had me on my “best behavior.” I really tried to watch the ball, play the strong southeasterly wind correctly from each side, and not make unforced errors.

The result? A 6-2, 6-2 victory.

One example of the numbers: before every serve, I checked the strength and direction of the wind on the flag at the edge of our court. Into the wind, I did like Bob Mazzola suggested, hitting “an extra club” and aiming for the service line. With the strong wind to my back, I put extra spin on the serve and aimed three feet inside the service line.

As a result, Spike reported that I had zero double faults and only missed NINE first serves the whole match!

For all the scores from the day (if/when they get posted), please click HERE

2 thoughts on “The Halo Effect

  1. Funny how being graded does make the difference. Great day keep up the good GRADES. Susan

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