Playing in the Wind

Gary Williamson of Springboro, OH was my opponent for the Cape Coral 65 consolation singles final, played here in Pelican Bay with northwest wind gusts of up to 30 mph. So what do you do?

My thoughts on playing in the wind:
• Say to yourself, “the wind is my friend,” and treat it as an ally, not an enemy.
• Hit most of your drop shots and lobs INTO the wind, to give yourself better control.
• Put a little extra on your serve into the wind; and if there is a cross wind element, plan to use that on your service placement.
• With the wind to your back, put extra topspin on your ground strokes and/or hit with a greater margin for error within the lines.
• Watch your service toss and adjust it for the wind direction.
• Each time you change ends of the court, remind yourself which way the wind is blowing – and picture a big arrow on the court with that direction.

All that being said, I tried to most all those things in my match today with Gary, who is only down in Florida for the first three USTA tournaments – having played only indoors in Dayton area clubs. So he had more trouble managing the wind.

I was able to control myself, my shots, the rallies; and worked to a fairly comfortable 6-3, 6-2 victory … and the BIG $40 prize for being “The Smartest Kid in the Dumb Row.”

Other Naples-area players did well at this one…

• Dick Valentine beat the #1 seeded 70s doubles team in the semis, when they “quit” while down 5-2 in the third set. Dick will have to report on “the rest of the story.”
• Then today, they lost a close 7-5, 6-4 match in the finals.
• Larry Albritton lost to Fred Drilling in the 65 semis.
• Larry Turville cruised over Mike Dahm in the 60 finals.
• Fred Drilling and Joe McAleer lived up to their #1 seed in the 65 doubles with an easy victory over #2 seeds Baily Brown and Clive Kileef.
• For the full draws, click HERE

3 thoughts on “Playing in the Wind

  1. Another surprising result… 60 doubles. Albritton and Bova defeated #1 seeds Dahm and Berry 6-7,7-5, 6-4

  2. The 60 doubles finals against Albritton and Bova was a tough match that went back a forth many times and the wind sure was brutal! We walked off the court at 4:15 after 3 hours +. In this particular case, I sure didn’t view the wind as my friend and I’m sure Larry and Frank felt the same way. They play well. It was real hard to set up for any type of shot. We all could have used your pointers before the match started.

    John – all matches (especially losses) are learning experiences. See you at Sterling Oaks. geo

  3. We thought that the conditions we played in yesterday were the worst we have ever seen!! However, that is no excuse for loosing. Some guys adjust better than others when it comes to wind tennis!! It was as good as the tennis could be in horrible conditions!!!

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