Lessons Learned: Colonial Day 2

Second round of singles and I played #5 seed, Tony Cessna from KY. I played him twice before … lost once and beat him in three sets two years ago (when he had a bad shoulder and really couldn’t serve well.)

My strategy was to play to his forehand, which can be more erratic, and run him side to side to tire him; and bring him into a third set, where my conditioning should be to my advantage.

Well, I succeeded in the first parts; but never got to a third set. He beat me in straight sets (6-3, 6-0 but in an hour and thirty minutes, which Tony said, “Felt like two hours!”).

Lessons learned:

• The day was warm and very humid; so the balls got real heavy. Tony hits with a surprising amount of topspin on the forehand side; so those were all falling in when I didn’t expect them to.
Lesson: stay in the point till the end.
• His forehand and total game can be “streaky”… and today it was streaky-good. Bob Wilkie watched the match and suggested that I should have tried playing more to his steady two-handed backhand, rather than let him continue to hit forehand winners.
Lesson: remember to ask yourself, “What is happening here?” And change your game to meet the situation.
• I missed about four “open court winners” that all the top players do not miss. And those points tend to be worth more than just the four points. One that I remember, serving first point, 3-4 in the first set, served him wide to his forehand… got a short reply. Hit is cross court to his backhand… got a shorter reply. And missed the volley to the open court!
Lesson: Play Spike Gonzales’ “hit the target” game to ingrain the habit of hitting safely into that open court.

Next week: Singles and doubles (with Tom) at the Cape Coral tournament.

2 thoughts on “Lessons Learned: Colonial Day 2

  1. George: I see you have Bob Wilkie over there. When you see him, tell him that Deb Benjamin is hot for him. Bruce Cassella and I played Bob at the Newport indoor club during the Christmas week. Any good 75 year old players over there and also say hi to Bill Simonton. Gene

    gene – will do. geo

  2. This senior tournament is fun to watch. My friend, Clive Kileff is down there in the tournament. Tell him “hi” from the Chattanooga group.
    Check out our prize-money TVOC tournament June 9-12; also enjoy our Riverbend festival with Huey Lewis and the Newd on June 10. Our tournament is located directly on the Tennessee river….4 days of fabulous tennis, socials, food and drinks. It’s just the place to be…down by the riverside!

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