Movement in Doubles

If you do nothing else to improve your doubles game, “moving with the ball” is key to success; and here is a video from a great tennis website that really shows the basics.

Newk camp friend, Joel Drucker put me onto the site hosted by his friend Brent Abel, which is And I have been receiving a series of tips which are “spot on.”

For me, the most important is how to move with the ball in doubles. We all know the concept; and we all THINK we do it… but we just give lip service to the actual, active, constant movement that this really requires.

Check out this YouTube video link by clicking here.

1 thought on “Movement in Doubles

  1. Greetings George!
    Nothing like a little affirmation, as this is EXACTLY how we train our a8 and under and 14 and under USTA teams in doubles. EXACTLY. We follow these movement patterns until the kids do them in their sleep!

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