Rule Change

Remember the conversation we’ve had about what happens when you change your line call? Well, the rule is changing.

According to the “Court of Appeals” in the January issue of “Tennis” magazine, the USTA has approved changes to The Code about what happens when you call a ball out and then see the mark is in.

The old rule was: if you had returned the shot/serve (and it was not “a sitter”), you would replay the point.

The new rule is: If you change you’re a call from out to in, you lose the point, no matter if you returned the ball in play.

I’m not sure I see the logic or need for this??


According to a friend who called the Cape Coral Tennis Club, they WOULD be hosting the second USTA Super Senior tournament in January.

But according to the club’s website: “There will be NO West Coast Super Seniors Grand Prix at Mid-Cape Racquet”

Does anyone know for sure? Thanks

2 thoughts on “Rule Change

  1. Yes I’ve seen that ‘new’ rule for a couple years starting at our Nat’l Clay in N.O. in 2008… Personally I think it’s Right On ; becauses it presupposes we are playing everything, & only calling ‘Out” when we’re SURE… ALWays remember ANY Doubt is to be resolved in favor of your opponent… That’s Our rule, Not the ITF
    . Geo: Can you see the logic? If you can’t, then the rest of us might see the need…

    Bob – i see the logic … ours is a game of personal honor. geo

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