Longboat Key Cat II

Tom McCune and I are both signed up for 65 singles and doubles at this USTA Category II tournament (that suffered through a rainstorm last year). We both played our first round singles match today – against guys “we should beat.”

Tom played Les Mandelker, a lefty from Largo, Florida. They had a long first set that Tom survived 7-5. Tom started fast in the second set and was up 5-0, 30-love, when things “got a little interesting.”

Tom felt (and I agreed) that he got too conservative; and let Les take the offense to break, hold, and break Tom’s serve again. But Les then couldn’t hold serve; so Tom survived 7-5, 6-3.

My match was against Evan Morris, a lawyer from northeastern Ohio. He had an excellent forehand, but mobility and stamina were a problem.

I played a solid first set, hitting most every open court that became available; and won it 6-2.

In the second set, I wanted to “maintain the focus” on every point… and was successful. Fred Stolle has said, “If you look in the dictionary, you’ll find ‘sympathy’ right between ‘shit’ and ‘suicide’.”

So I stayed focused and closed it out 6-0.

Tomorrow: Tom plays #4 seed, Reinaldo Valor – the player he had “major issues on line calls” with last year. And I have the #1 seed, Ray Lake from Kansas City.

Others from Naples… Bill Simonton won 6-3, 6-2; and Larry Albritton also won easily.

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  1. good result George–and good luck in the next match!! but, isn’t it just like Fred to mess up the dictionary??!! sympathy is AFTER shit and suicide, at least in the American dictionary, not between them

    Robert – yup, but it sounds better his way! tks, geo

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