Volleying East/West

Watching the Bryan brothers play their first match at the London year-end championships this morning, the announcer made a very interesting comment on the difference between a singles volley and a doubles volley.

As Mike Bryan closed to the net and put away a volley, he said, “That’s the difference between a singles volley and a doubles volley… in singles, you volley mostly ‘north/south’; and in doubles, you get closer to the net and volley more ‘east/west.’”

I had never thought of that before; but seems true. In doubles, you should NOT be content to just volley back, deep into the court (where your opponents are standing and can get the ball back in play). Rather, you should try to get as tight as possible to the net and angle away the ball for an untouchable winner.

3 thoughts on “Volleying East/West

  1. Interesting comment and may be true at the Bryan Brothers level of play. However, at lower levels, it seems that getting too close to the net leaves one open to the most underrated shot in the game, the lob. Volleying deep up the middle and to the backhand still seems like pretty good strategy.

  2. And — aim for the alley in the direction you are moving — otherwise the opponent could an easy winner behind you before your partner can reach it.

  3. You open up a whole can of worms with this stuff on how to play doubles! I think the answers here are a little simplistic. Both players hanging on the net? Low volley versus high volley? Where are the opponents? Etc.

    Mike – sure, but the basic premise is pretty sound. tks, geo

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