Wear Blinders at the Net

Yesterday, after a light tennis workout (wind down before camp next week), I watched four friends play doubles and came away

with two observations that could help my own game.

First, we all put ourselves in weak positions on the court and can’t really make the next shot. (More about that another time).

But the other one is really simple, and really simple to correct.

It was surprising how many times the man at the net would TURN to watch the ball going to his partner, and even his partner hitting the ball. Only then to “eat” the next shot the closing opponent hit at him.

So my suggestion is: wear blinders (like race horses) at the net… Don’t watch what your partner is doing… watch what your opponents are doing.

You’re much more likely to be ready for the next shot, if you are watching which of your opponents is closing to the net and getting ready to hit a volley back at you.

2 thoughts on “Wear Blinders at the Net

  1. It is just as much a safety issue. If you look back to see your partner hit the ball, they might smash the ball or their racquet into your face.

    Hey Stan – how have you been? geo

  2. George: The only pro I’ve ever taken a lesson from that deviates from that theory is Dave Jones, the ass’t pro at Dartmouth. I took several doubles clinics from him, and he always said, “glance back to see what your partner is doing.” Not turn around and face him/her, but always keep the ball in sight. Susie

    Hi Susie – MAYBE a quick glance to see if your partner is staying back or coming in; but, in my non-professional opinion, i think that half second you lose can be critical. geo

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