New Rules Coming

Pelican Bay Super Senior Gordon Hammes will be off to Turkey in one week to play on (and Captain) the US 75s team! He reports as captain, he has received notification of some new line calling rules they will be using in their clay court matches.

He says on close line calls on the Turkish red clay courts, the ITF will now allow the questioning player to require his opponent circle the mark he claims to be out; AND if still not satisfied, the player will be allowed to cross the net to check the mark himself.

It is likely these rules will work their way over here in the not too distant future; so we may want to think about them.

I am all in favor of requiring your opponent to find and circle a mark on any questionable line calls; but am concerned about the walking-on-the-other-side rule as being both too time consuming and conflict-enducing. There still has to be some honor in this game.

It will be interesting to see what Gordon has to report about usage of these new rules (and if any senior fist fights broke out!).

4 thoughts on “New Rules Coming

  1. George:
    Having just returned from the National 70,85.and 90 Clay Court Championships in Pinehurst NC, I am confirming that this National was played using ITF [International Tennis Federation rules and regulations which confirms Gordon’s point about the opponents right to ask for a circled mark and if still not satisfied to crossover and check the mark.
    We had a few cases of this rule being followed in some matches.
    I believe that most of the players don’t like this rule for the reasons that you have cited.
    There are other rules and regulations that have caused some tourneys to no longer continue in 2011 as Category 2 tourneys.
    Most of the players that I talk to don’t see any advantage for the USTA to adopt the ITF rules and regulations.

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