Remembering What You Know

Most of us have heard all the great tips how to generally improve our game or specifically improve a weakness. So my saying for the day is: At our age, if you can’t “learn something new every day,” you can at least “remember something old.”

I was playing my beat-me-every-Friday-lefty yesterday and having trouble returning his lefty serve down the middle in the deuce court to my backhand. Then I remembered what both Marty Reissen and Brian Gottfried told me at camp (coincidentally after losing to lefty Joel Drucker): “You have to STEP INTO that ball at a diagonal and slice it cross court.”

While it didn’t change the final match outcome, it sure did improve my return of serve percentage.

So when you are having a problem on the court, stop and think about what you already know, and “remember something old.”

1 thought on “Remembering What You Know

  1. It’s getting hard to remember something new let alone something old!!!!!!!

    Dick Valentine?? Say, do i know you??? I don’t remember! 🙂 geo

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