Paul Dexter

It is difficult to believe today is FIVE years since the passing of someone who was such a great friend to so many Florida tennis players. I don’t know about the rest of you who knew him, but I think of “Dex” all the time – especially every time I enjoy my huge TV that he characteristically encouraged me to buy. There will never be another like him.

5 thoughts on “Paul Dexter

  1. Amazing. I was thinking about Paul yesterday and this morning open my email to find you were having similar thoughts. Must be he is still reaching out to us from some special place. Good memories all!

    Linda – and i had a dream about him last night… he was mesmerizing some lady and making one of his outrageous biz deals! geo

  2. Thanks, George – I just sent my own “reminders’ to my family-we miss him GREATLY too-he was “a legend in his time”:)

  3. We all miss the Great Dex!!!! He was quite a great guy and went long before his time.

  4. DEX was a great inspiration and enthusiast with everything he touched … and one of my best friends. I played tennis tonight, something I would have never done if DEX was not part of my life. As George points out, Dex could inspire someone to buy ice cream in the middle of winter. In George’s case, buy a big screen TV far bigger than he needs. BTW~ I have one too!

    Jerry – we all are better off in many ways for having had Dex in our lives. tks geo

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