Tennis Tendencies

Most players have Tennis Tendencies — “predictable patterns of behavior” – that if you become aware of, you can use to your advantage in critical situations.

Playing singles with Bruce Cassella (#4 in New England 70’s) the other day, I served at 40-love in the ad court to his backhand and came in behind my first serve. He was sitting on the shot and easily passed me down the line.

Afterwards he volunteered, “George, you usually come in behind your 40-love serve; so I was waiting for the shot.”

What tendencies do your opponents have that will allow you to “guess right” and make the critical shot?

– When you hit an approach shot deep to their forehand, do they go down the line or cross court?
– What do they do on the backhand side?
– Given a choice, where do they usually hit their overheads?
– Playing doubles, when does the net man usually poach, only when they have a lead in the game? On big points?

During the early stages of a match, think about what your opponent(s) are doing; store it away; and then be ready to take advantage of their Tennis Tendencies at the end of the match.

4 thoughts on “Tennis Tendencies

  1. Good post, George. Figuring out tendencies is like recognizing poker ‘tells’. On the fly against a new opponent is a challenge and rewarding; knowing an old enemy’s tendencies and especially when he knows you know, etc. is spice to a good rivalry. Cheers, Kevin

  2. That’s why playing in tournaments against players you don’t know is much more interesting and challenging because you only have a few games to figure out their tendencies!!! You usually can figure out who is the weaker player in the first four games. Hope your shoulder is well George!!!

    Dick – Shoulder is feeling pretty good. tks geo

  3. Especially if you play the same players often, this is very very important. Everyone I’ve played a lot has tells.
    To everyone; have you figured out what George does when he serves down the middle? I have 😉

    Marc – you can tell me my ‘tell’ PRIVATELY!! tks geo … and Happy Birthday youngster.

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