Taking Meds Long Term

With my shoulder problem, I have been taking daily doses of Aleve. But what should you do on a regular basis?

During the height of my shoulder pain/inflammation, I took (the maximum) two pills with breakfast and then two more pills with dinner. Then when the pain substantially subsided, I cut back to just one in the morning and one at night.

But I was wondering if it was OK just to continue that dosage on a regular basis. After all, don’t arthritis sufferers take it every day?

I happened to run into a surgeon friend and asked the question.

His answer (as a runner, with knee pains) was: you should surely take a strong dosage to serve as an anti-inflammatory; but when that is gone, you should STOP. His logic was that Pain is the body’s way of telling you there is something wrong; and if you just take a continuing dose of pain killers, you will never solve the problem. And it will most likely become a bigger problem.

So, I have stopped taking them, am now four days “drug free” and we shall see.

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  1. With arthritis or other chronic conditions there is benefit to taking the anti-inflammatories regularly. In your case, I’m not so sure. I suggest you follow what Brad Gilbert does in the book “Winning Ugly” and take Advil only on days that you play. Advil is shorter acting than Aleve, and having Advil in your system during play may help prevent a flare-up.

    to Bill (who is a pharmacist) – i play SIX days a week; so that is just about every day! geo

  2. Don’t take any pain killer for prevention! Your uric acid level might go up and you can develop arthritis and gout. When I have pain I use Vicodin, but only until the pain is gone. Do not take Aspirin on a regular basis either, even some cardiologists recommend to do so. Ice down the shoulder after playing and use a hot water towel or run hot water over the shoulder before you play.

  3. My wife takes 2 Aleeve a day since her two hip replacements. It keeps her pain free and so far there are no complications. Her orthopedic doc says to continue and not to worry about systemic problems.

  4. A friend who researches supplements a lot suggests one called Loxin-5 as an anti-inflammatory. I’ve been taking it about 8 months now and notice I’m taking less Advil. I’ve also been taking MSM for joint (knees in my case) pain along with Bio -Sil drops. Unlike Advil, Aleve, and Aspirin, these things are actually good for you. I have to admit, I go back to the Advil as needed but my stomach quickly reminds me how bad these thing are for you.

  5. That supplement I mentioned is 5-Loxin , not Loxin-5. I take one, 75mg tablet daily. Brand we use is LifeExtension.

    Peter – tks for the input! geo
    Here is what i picked up from the website 5-loxin.com
    5-LOXIN is a special extract of the boswellia serrata plant. The boswellia plant has been used for thousands of years in traditional Ayurvedic medicine in India, and recent studies have shown its benefits in promoting joint comfort, knee mobility and walking distance. …. geo

  6. At my normal doctor appt two weeks ago yesterday, she noted a sharp rise in my blood pressure (over 160/95). She quizzed me on ibuprofen and aleve and I said I take a couple of tablets (of either) before tennis and golf — that’s 6x a week. She told me to stop immediately and I did. The pain has been bad enough to stop me from playing tennis completely and to substitute gym work for some of my golf (I walk and carry my bag). Blood pressure went down to more normal levels and I’m following it daily with an automatic reader. My case may be unusual, but your surgeon friend might have similar advice for anyone with hypertension. I’m seeing a doctor this Friday afternoon to find out if there’s some way to overcome the arthritis pain in my feet, but the prognosis is not so good.

    Frankly, I’m extremely upset about this. I’ve played tennis all my life and to stop now is almost unbearable. Golf is no substitute and what do I do in the Winter? Gym work is fine, but not nearly as satisfying or interesting as tennis (no news to anyone). Believe it or not, at one time I was not a bad player. Now I am out of it and with no prospect of reestablishing my game.

    Friend: Hope all goes well. Pls keep us posted. geo

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