Madrid Masters

Interesting tennis at the Madrid Masters today. Here are some results and

Who is #1?

Doubles Final:
• The team of Nestor and Zimonjic entered the finals as #1 in the world.
• And have beaten the Bryan Brothers eight out of twelve times the competed.
• The Bryans were #2 in the world and, with 60 titles,
• And they were one championship behind the GREAT Australian Woodies (Woodforde and Woodbridge)
• Lefty Nestor always plays the add court giving their team “forehands out”
• But the Bryans always play lefty Bob in the deuce court for “forehands in”… except today, they switched!
• The American brothers won in straight sets…
• And they reclaim #1 in the world ranking and tie the Woodies at 61 titles.
• Which team is better????

Women’s Final:
• Venus faced a fast-rising 23 year old, Aravane Rezai
• Rezai was born in France, with Iranian parents and holds dual citizenship.
• She is only 5’5” but hits the ball a ton
• Venus did not handle the pace, nor the pressure of the blistering returns of serve.
• Rezai won 6-2, 7-5
• But Venus will be #2 in the World for the French Open, with her sister being #1 and in the opposite half of the draw

Men’s Final:
• Just what the promoter (dear Billionaire Ion Tiriac) had hoped for
• #1 Fed vs. #2 (home town favorite) Nadal
• Rafa is just too much for anyone on red clay
• And The Fed has a real problem converting break points against Rafa. It is my opinion that he gets “too mental” and doesn’t swing freely.
• Nadal wins in straight sets (even after Fed is serving for the second set at 5-3).
• On to Roland Garros!

• And of equal importance….
• Pelican Bay’s Super Senior (75+) Gordon Hammes traveled to Jackson MS to play in the USTA Category II tournament
• He lost a total of FIVE GAMES on his way to the title!

2 thoughts on “Madrid Masters

  1. I think it is easier for the lefty to play the add court as in Matt and my case. He has a forehand return if the serve goes wide and can easily block back a serve in the middle. Therefore I don’t think that forehands in the middle is always the answer.

    Dick – One of the reasons that lineup works for you two is that you both have good backhand volleys! geo

  2. The Bryans switched sides for the 1st time against Danny and Z at the Australian Open this year and beat them there too. I know their coach Dave Mac and that was his idea. Not sure why it works against them but they are 2 for 2 that way!

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