The Short Volley Stroke

Geo at Newk's
We all get so frustrated missing that high forehand volley that is just “sitting there.” Well, here are two tips to help correct that problem.

Most of the time, we miss because we take too big of a back swing and have too much racquet head movement going foreword. Consider these two tips…

1) “The volley is a two-inch stroke of the hand” – this comes via my friend Jack Lease, who got it from teaching pro Oscar Werner. Picture it… the movement is brief (two inches) and comes through the hand, NOT the racquet head.

2) “Volley like the practice wall” – This one comes from Kelly Gunterman in Tennis Life magazine. His

Maillith Co.
premise is that we all try to do too much with the volley; but should keep it simple. He writes, “If you have ever hit balls against a practice wall, … give some thought to how much the wall moved when returning your ball.” ZERO. NONE. NADA.

Keeping the volley stroke short will minimize the chance for error and help keep your ball in play.