Leaving the Court

When and for how long can you leave the court during a tournament match?

Dick Valentine writes:
While reading the rules, I found that USTA Comment 4.2 says:
A player who leaves the court to get a replacement for a broken racquet or string is subject to code violations for delays under the Point Penalty System.

Rule 29b permits a player “reasonable extra time” to leave the court only in those cases where “clothing, footwear or necessary equipment (excluding racket) is broken or needs to be replaced.” Isn’t that interesting!!!”

Dick, that is interesting. According to those rules, if you break a shoelace, you can leave the court to replace it; but not to get another racquet (without getting a warning).

I wonder what the rule is for “bathroom breaks”…
• When can you go?
• How long can you be away from the court?
• How many times can you do that?

1 thought on “Leaving the Court

  1. USTA comment 29.2 allows one or more bathroom breaks taken during set breaks or at odd game changeovers. No time can be taken to recover condition. However, a player may have a 3 minute medical timeout. You cannot leave the court to go get another racquet without being subject to a penalty (USTA comment 4.2)

    Dick -tks! geo

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