Daytona Sectionals Continued

We entered our rematch against St. Pete Saturday afternoon trailing in the

Our team, with Captain Morton
four-match round robin 2-0 to 1-1 (but tied in courts won over the two days at 4-2); so we had to beat them to tie in team matches at 2-1 … and would therefore by beating them have to be ahead in the first tiebreaker, courts won (which are the three doubles matches we play against each team) (confusing?).

We juggled our lineup again to put Spike and Ali on court two in the hopes they would meet the team that beat Tom and me and Jacksonville so easily (and it worked):

• Court 1: Dick Valentine and Matt Davie
• Court 2: Spike Gonzalez and Ali Moezzi
• Court 3: Tom and me

Tom and I did our job against their weaker #3 court and won 6-3, 6-1. Spike and Ali played well on the #2 court, but still lost 6-4, 6-4.

So it then came down to us all watching Dick and Matt on court #1 split the first two sets and go into a deciding ten-point match tiebreaker.

Our guys go up a mini-break; but give it back…. and find themselves (and our team) facing elimination, with St. Pete serving at 10-9. I turn to our crowd and tell them, “If St. Pete wins this point, they clinch the weekend and go to the Nationals.”

Matt and Dick win that point…. Now it’s 10-10. And then they win the next point, and strong lefty server Matt Davie is now serving 11-10 for us to win the tiebreaker, their match, our team match, and our team to take the lead for the weekend.

Matt (Lft) - Dick (black)

Matt bombs in one his best serves for a winner!

So at the end of Saturday, we are now tied with St. Pete in team matches at 2-1 each; but we are leading in the first tiebreaker courts won 6 wins and 3 losses to their 5 and 4.

Jacksonville has to now play twice on Sunday: St. Pete plays them at 8 am; and we play them at 11:30. If we can beat Jacksonville by at least the same score that St. Pete does, we win… and go to the Nationals.

4 thoughts on “Daytona Sectionals Continued

  1. Where and when are the nationals?

    Bill – NEXT SPRING… but they do not know where. geo

  2. Congrats. I keep my fingers crossed that you pull it off today and hope it does not rain up there. GO TEAM!

  3. Good commentating, George. Felt like I was right there, or courtside at Newk’s. Good luck today. Cheers, Kevin

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