Where To Volley?

You are playing doubles and have a high forehand volley. Do you crush it at the opposing net man? According to Naples pro, Pete Minarich, you should not.

If you are playing against someone who has “good hands” (yes, Dick Valentine, like you!), hitting the ball right at them gives them the chance to reflex volley the ball back – all too frequently, for a winner.

What happens then is: a satisfying, winning point suddenly turns into a disappointing losing point.

According to Minarich, you should “volley to the T’s” and AWAY from your opponents. Picture the scene … both your opponents are standing about on the service line or inside the service box and you have this high sitter volley.

On the other side of the net, there are three T’s… where the service line hits the singles side lines and the center T. He says that is where you should aim – and make your opponents lunge for the ball.

It is the old tennis adage: “Hit the ball where they ain’t!”

Thanks Pete.

2 thoughts on “Where To Volley?

  1. I agree that you should hit the ball away from your opponents because too many players have the ability to get the ball back with a reflex volley.

    Dick – not all have the quick hands like you!! geo

  2. This does sound like good advice….. BUT, there is NOTHING more satisfying than popping the net man right in the middle of the chest to the sound of a dull thump. Somewhere out there, my old tennis buddy Bob Weber will appreciate this comment. 🙂

    Marty – Good to hear from you! Hope all is well. geo

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