Never Give Up

After a practice session yesterday with Tom McCune, we walked by a court with a ball machine session going on. But the thing that struck me was the guy who was hitting balls was about 5’ 2” and looked to be in his 80s!

I said to Tom, “Look at that. I want to be that dedicated when I am his age.” As I spoke, we passed his friend, who told us the guy is named Tony, is 82, recently had a stroke, and is LEGALLY BLIND. “But that he will not give up playing tennis.”

A good friend of mine, Jack Lease is like that… he is in his mid-70’s, still works out, plays tournaments; but most important, is still looking to learn and improve his game.

When “I grow up,” I want to be like those guys.

1 thought on “Never Give Up

  1. George- We set the ball machine up for Tony so it throws consistently to one spot on his forehand which allows him to ‘know’ where the ball is coming. This works out pretty well, and it means the world to a lifetime tennis player like Tony to be able to still come out and hit.

    Pam – while i watched, he hit EVERY ball! that is great. tks geo

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