Tournament: Payne Park, Sarasota

Well, I thought I was “all tournamented out”; but talking with Hank Irvine, one of the top players, after the Naples Bath Cat II… he convinced me to enter another one in Sarasota this week. He said, “George, you are right on the edge of it! You need to enter one of these small tournaments, win it, and then get seeded in future tournaments.”

He argued that there were only eight players signed up at that time, with only one of the better players (happened to be The Cheater, who my partner ran into earlier).

So I waited till the last day of signups last week, and DID enter. Then after that, the entries flooded in; so there are now TWENTY-TWO players entered… included former US #1 Joe Bachmann, who is playing “down” from the 70’s!!

Larry Turville seeded Joe at #1, the “controversial guy” at #2, two other guys I do not know at #3 and #4 and then four players (including me) at #5.

So most of the seeds had a first round bye on Monday; and I had my first match scheduled for Tuesday against Dan Garrick from NJ. I drove the two hours up there; but got in just two games before the rains came and washed out the day.

My good college friend Kenny Weissleder hosted me at his nearby home; so I could make it to the courts this morning for a 9:00 am start – with the temp at 48 and a 17 mile an hour northerly wind!

We restarted our match at 1-1 and I was determined to break my “being seeded jinx” (of losing my first match when that happens). Dan is a super nice guy; but I was able to control the play and come away with a comfortable 6-2, 6-2 victory.

Tomorrow? The Cheater.

Here is the link to the whole draw:

Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Tournament: Payne Park, Sarasota

  1. You really enjoy the mental side of this game…you want the ball hit to you on the big points…you enjoy hitting out in a critical situation…you are mentally one of the strongest players I know so who better than you to take this guy out of the tournament…put a smile on your face…wear the same sunglasses Tom wore to piss him off…just go do it

    Be Well
    B – tks for the good words!… i in fact, WILL be wearing the same sunglasses.
    ps playing with Tom Diehl on Monday and Bob Wilkie on Tuesday! geo

  2. Glad to see y’all travelling a bit… Hank is (always) right… Try to be ready to confront a bad call. Some times I would tell the guy, during warmup, to Tell me if he saw any ball different from me; then say ” I’ll do the same ” THEN play EVERYTHING, only call out when I was sure…( maybe immediately after returning the ball. ( using twice the senses to call the ball ) Then he halfway expected an argument after a bad call.
    Also stalling if you split. He has had some great wins over the years, but we’re rooting for you. Luck, Geo.

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