Naples Bath: Doubles

Today, Tom and I played the #1 seeded team of big Dave Nash (who just beat me in singles) and Jimmy Parker from Santa Fe (seeded #2 in singles) on the Naples Bath & Tennis “show court.”

And if you could ever feel good about losing, today was one of those days!

Before the match, Tom and I agreed that we really didn’t have a good chance of beating this superior team; so we should not focus on the score; but just “go out there to enjoy ourselves and play good points.” And I felt success in that.

While they did win the first five consecutive games, we had some good points and close games. We finally held my serve to lose the set 6-1.

In the second set, we started serving and were broken; and they held. But then we had a pretty good run, which started with our holding my serve again. One “highlight” for me was serving add in, to look up and see Jimmy Parker standing INSIDE THE SERVICE BOX to return serve. I paused, took a deep breath, and aced him to win the game!

They held to go 3-1; and then we held Tom’s serve for 3-2. We had a good game against Big Dave’s serve; but they held. And then they broke my serve and Jimmy served for the match at 5-2.

Tom and I had a real good return game and jumped to a love-40 lead. Jimmy missed his first serve and I had my second “highlight” moment as I heard Emmo’s voice in my ear (“Hey Blue, stand in the alley and show him your forehand.”) … which I did; and he doubles faulted for the game and 3-5!

They did then come back to break our serve for a 6-1, 6-3 victory; but I felt real good about the experience and how I played against “the big boys.”

Tomorrow, we slide into the consolation doubles bracket to see what damage we may be able to do there.

3 thoughts on “Naples Bath: Doubles

  1. George,
    Good on you, mate, for showing Jimmy Parker your forehand on that matchgame point – also a real Brad Gilbert moment. Also, steady nerve to retain positive thinking and not double fault when you saw Parker inside the service box to return serve. (But he must have jumped back outside the box before you struck your serve — at least I’m quite sure that the rules allow a serve to be volleyed ).

    Three years ago at the St. Petersburg Category II tournament I watched a great warm up doubles set played between David Nash & Armistead Neely vs. Larry Turville and Bob Litwin. Only Larry Turville could make 6′ 6″ David Nash look a little short.

    Look forward to seeing you in Naples in February.

    Dag – No, he stood in the box the whole time… and had to look behind him to check the mark on my serve! geo

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