Naples Bath: Second Round Singles

Today’s match was against David Nash, the #4 seed – only because he hasn’t played a tournament in 18 months (since injuring his elbow while representing the U.S. at the WORLD’S in Turkey!). But he was still plenty tough.

Dave looks and plays like Mike Dahm (another strong player). I was told he had a big serve (at 6’4”), which he didn’t use much to protect his elbow – but did place it very well with good pace. I was also told to “avoid his forehand,” which I did as best I could; but he hardly missed any with his backhand either.

Bottom-line: I played well. We had long points and some close games. The match lasted almost 1.5 hours. But he beat me 6-1, 6-1. I could have gotten another game, two, or maybe three… but not much more.

Doubles: Assuming my partner Tom’s back is healed by then (he had to default his second round singles match today), we will face David Nash and Jimmy Parker, who are the 1 seeds in the doubles Thursday at 3 p.m.!

3 thoughts on “Naples Bath: Second Round Singles

  1. 6′ 4″ ? More like 6′ 8″… In Santa Barbara in the Natl 40 grass, his SERVES would often hit a little something; & fly like 10 – 15 feet up… You had a chance, though, cause you could go for an overhead. I guess he won it for sure once, maybe twice… No, I guess it was Dan Bohannon who won it twice. What we remember the most though, was the free Ice cream… Ask Big Dave…

    ok, ok, maybe he is taller than 6-4! geo

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