Ft. Myers singles quarter finals

The words for today were “court confusion.” My quarter final singles match against #4 seeded Hank Rhan from Sarasota was scheduled for another club at 1 p.m. today. We both got there a half hour early; but had to wait an hour and fifteen (in the cold) to get on a court … and then got kicked off after just five games.

He had broken me in my first service game; and I broke back and was serving 2-3, 40-love when a sixteen-man league marched on the courts and said “they had them booked.” So we had to put our warm up suits back on and shuttle to the Colonial Country Club to get reassigned a court over there. (this whole thing is germane to ‘the story’).

Back on the court, I won that point to bring it to 3-3; but he held, broke, and held to take the first set 6-3.

I held serve to start the second set; and thought I noticed Hank had a slight limp after one long point; and remembered I had seen him icing his Achilles yesterday in the locker room.

He held serve; and then I did; but the limp got a little more pronounced. I told myself, “If I can win this set, I will take him in three!” Well, it turns out he was feeling pain (not helped by the delay in moving courts in the cold) and started going for winners (and mostly missing). By the end of the set, he wasn’t even going after some shots.

I won the set 6-1 …. and he retired. Tomorrow, #2 seeded Don Long is my semi final opponent. He has beaten me in straight sets the last two times we played; so we shall see what we shall see.

Doubles: After a quick change of clothes, Tom and I went back on the court for our first round doubles match against self-described “3.5 club level players.” We dominated early, cruising to a 6-1, 3-0 lead; but then lost some concentration to let them hold, break us, and then have a 40-0 lead that would have made it 3-3 (to the delight of the eight local fans cheering their boys on).

We righted the ship to break, hold, and break and take a 6-1, 6-2 victory into tomorrow’s quarter final doubles against the #3 seeded team.

2 thoughts on “Ft. Myers singles quarter finals

  1. George, great fun readying about your matches and the tourney.
    I’m still on the mend from rotator procedures but will join you and The Gang later this winter hopefully!
    Lots of fun following the matches vicariously,. Thanks and keep up the good play. Jake

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