Using the ball machine

I have not used a ball machine for many years; but when my practice partner cancelled at the last minute, I scheduled one for an hour. It was one of the best one-hour practice sessions I’ve had in a long time!

My point of emphasis this season is to strengthen my volley – especially the high forehand; so I set the machine on a trajectory to feed me volleys. It randomly alternated between forehand and backhands; so I didn’t know to which side the next ball was going to come.

And the pace was set fairly rapidly… about as fast as my opponent would keep hitting it back at me.

Even though I was alone and had to pick up my own balls between ‘sets,’ the workout was great and I must have hit HUNDREDS of volleys in the one hour. Not all were perfect form (maybe none were “perfect’), but they were better at the end than at the beginning. And I could definitely see a difference in my next doubles match!

My new practice partner: The Ball Machine.

P.S. Next week starts the first of the four January USTA Super Senior in SW Florida. This one is at the Colonial Golf and Tennis Club in Ft. Myers. Reports to come as they progress.

1 thought on “Using the ball machine

  1. The best ball machine I have ever used was the kind that is on a lift. You can raise it up so that it serves to you and practice your return of serve. You can set it on spin serves, flat serves and to your forehand and backhand. The problem is they are hard to find. Not all facilities have them.

    Dick – wow, that sounds like it would be great practice too! tks geo.

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