Andre Agassi’s Book

Sorry Andre, but I enjoyed reading your book; but not for the “big disclosures” about taking drugs or andre bookhating tennis … but because it is a fascinating TENNIS book.

For me, it was really interesting to hear about “growing up” with and in the modern game of tennis and how matches can be won or lost based on frame of mind. And it appears that Andre’s frame of mind was frequently very fragile.

But overall, the book is both interesting (what a jerk he thought Connors was/is and what a violent, fanatic his father was), tennis educational (“you don’t need to hit the perfect shot, just good shots.”), and inspiring (hard work does pay off).

druckerI won’t attempt to do an official “review” of the book; but if you want to read a great one, please go to fellow Newk Camper Joel Drucker’s on….

You’ll find it a great analysis of the book.

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  1. George , you may know that I spent a good amount of time with Andre back when he was with Nick B. I did get to see another side of him , the fragile and quite gentle side . he did get so nervous he admitted to throwing up during many matches and the frame of mind was a huge factor in his performance . he did seem to harness much of this as he got older . Steve Contardi

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