Hard To Soft

Which way is harder to moveā€¦ from playing hard court tennis to soft court, or the other way mtsaround?

This week, I was playing singles with tournament tennis friend Rich Boddicker, who just came to Naples from the hard courts of Colorado. He was having a tough time adjusting to the slowness, the footing, and the erratic bounces; and opined that it was really tough going from hard to soft courts.

I suggested that it was probably easier going the other way: that it would be easier to slow down your swing to adjust to the HartTru, than to try to speed up your swing to react to the speed of the hard courts.

What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Hard To Soft

  1. I agree with you George that it is harder to readjust to hard court play coming off of Hard tru. Return of serve is tougher because the ball gets to you sooner!!!

    Dick – so far, it is the guys who play hardcourt saying coming to us is harder; and we soft courters say the opposite! tks, geo.

  2. I’m on board with Rich- I don’t think it’s so much the swing speed as it is the reflex pattern of bounce/hit that you acquire on hard courts which really has to change a lot when you make the transition to soft. I find myself often swinging too early, too late, or lunging forward to adjust to a ball that doesn’t come up, at least for a couple days until the new reflex pattern sets in. Also, there is the element of the bad bounce which you just don’t get at all on hard courts. I’m using that as my excuse for my poor showing last January, but actually when I got back home I played several more clay court tournaments over the spring and summer, and then in October at Newk’s, felt much more comfortable after logging more time on the dirt, and was much more successful. We’ll see how it goes when I get back down there in January again.

    lenny – look forward to seeing down here on the dirt next month! geo

  3. Hi George:
    Playing the hard courts during the week and the soft courts with you on Saturday’s there is no doubt to me that it is much more difficult to go from the hard courts to the soft courts…speeding up and slowing down your swing is the easy part…it is the high heavy top spins…biting drop shops and inconsistent bounces that become the problem…it usually takes me all summer to finally “get it” and then you head back to Florida…enjoy the Holidays and be well

    Best Regards
    B: ohh, that is why i am able to keep up with you on the soft courts! geo

  4. george.
    i’ve been playing on hard courts since i got up north, and im still trying to adjust. it’s a different game. im just starting to feel comfortable. i will bet that my adjustment back to clay in a week or so will be a lot easier.

    joe – that makes it 3-3 so far! geo.

  5. I think they both take some time to get used to if you typically play 95+ % of the time on one surface. I don’t have too much problem from soft to hard courts outdoors but I have a lot of problem (like right now) going from soft outdoor courts in 80 degrees to hard , indoor courts with poor lighting when it is below 0 degrees outside!!!!

  6. The jury seems to be split on this one: hard court players think it more difficult to move to soft and vice versa!

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