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While Tom McCune and I were practicing earlier this week (he is now ‘enjoying’ the cold in MN),net Pelican Bay pro Mike Lewis was watching and commented: “You and Tom place too much of a premium on missing a shot. I was taught it was OK to miss… as long as you were going for your shots AND you missed long or wide – not in the net.”

That is really a very good observation and advice. The most common factor I see when I play The Big Boys in the tournaments is they consistently hit the ball deep in the court and rarely miss into the net.

A great way to practice: After Mike’s advice, I played a practice singles match with Bill Simonton and asked if he would be willing to try something different… we played a regular set; but if you hit a ball (other than a serve) into the net, you lost TWO points. So if you are serving 40-30, serve wide in the add court, and now have a wide open deuce court to hit to and miss into the net, you lose two points and the score is now add OUT.

I quickly learned the value of getting that ball over the net. Now, to practice it Vic Braden’s 10,000 repetitions to own the shot!

2 thoughts on “The Net

  1. It’s a good idea… Also make let cords lose 1 point… We used that one in practice before… Geo, it’s great to see enthusiasm in you guys. Later– Bob

  2. BILL SiMONTON is a soft ball hitter with great accuracy and rarely hits a ball into the net. For a underspinner, I hit a ton of balls into the tape with rarely a let cord over the net. However, 90 % go in and the opponents really struggle with a ball you have to hit around your ankles. That’s the other side of the “hitting into the net”.

    Gene: Bill said that he felt he also hit underspin (backhand) and that penalty hit him harder than me. george

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