Where is the Honor?

Naples tennis friend Keith Butterfield writes: Hi George, Did you happen to see the situation today (vs. Paes/Dlouhy) when Oliver serena armMarach, when asked by the chair, denied being hit by a ball on the fly as it went long?

The live telecast and the replay showed that he was hit by the ball. The shot clearly changed direction as it hit him. I was outraged. Keith

Keith – i fast-forwarded thru most of that match; so didn’t see that incident. But i have seen:

– Ken Flach claim the ball did not brush his long hair as it sailed out, when replay showed it did.
– Nicolas Kiefer claim he did not throw his raquet against Grosjean, when replay showed it did.
– Maria Martinez Sanchez claim her winning “volley” against Serena did not bounce off her arm, when replay showed it did.
– Or my favorite “honorless play,” Justin Henin claiming she did not raise her hand and call time on a missed Serena service fault at the French Open, when replay showed it did.

PS What i DID see at the ATP doubles final (which goes back to an earlier discussion) was the Bryan brothers challenging one of their service line calls on a ball that was called GOOD! They thought their serve was long; relaxed; as their opponents hit a winner down the line. Resolution: the replay showed the ball was good and they lost the point. But my point is: you CAN challenge a “good” call on your own serve.

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  1. Hi Geo: I’ve been busy, & first chance I had to look up Tom’s ” cheating opponent” … Yeah, Reynaldo might be one of the worst callers out there. I could tell you quite a story from just last year. I played him twice a few years ago, & can remember some trouble… But I was too far behind to feel like asking for a linesman. That is the remedy— It works pretty good, cause then they can’t use that “wild card” when they need a point… When you really get right down to it, you should very rarely have disagreements. Because all doubt should always be resolved in favor of our opponents. ( True ) AND we do get BETTER playing more balls around the lines, Right? The trouble is always when some idiot thinks, ” If in doubt, call it out ” Later, Bob

    Bob – I play him tmw!! geo

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