How to hit a volley

If you would like to improve your volley (which is my goal for the year), take a look at

John/Geo on the jet
John/Geo on the jet
some key notes and a short video of Roy Emerson.

At camp, Emmo gave group (and me a private) lesson on how to hit a volley. The key factors are …
– bend your knees,
– rotate the shoulders immediately, without taking a big backswing,
– and do not lay back the wrist too far (but some),
– meet the ball out in front;
– so the head of the racquet meets up with the off hand,
– the harder the ball is hit at you, the easier it is to volley it – you just block it back,
– the slow and low balls are the more difficult ones,
– on the low volley, you must get very low,
– on the high volley hit through the ball and not down into the net,
– on the backhand volley, take the head back with the off hand then just straighten back your arm (“like a karate chop”).

To see Emmo talk through these points and the “private lesson” I video recorded, with John Berry as the student, go to this link
Pelican Bay tennis friend Bob Mazolla did a great job of editing both my video (with Davo in between the two Emmo segments) and many of the other key notes taken at Newk’s Camp. Thanks to Bob!