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For tennis shoes, I am a New Balance fan… mostly because I have a wide foot (EE) andshoes New Balance comes in widths. I learned some interesting facts in a recent buying experience.

Since I play so regularly in hot weather, I buy three pairs for the year. And to allow them to dry between matches, I rotate through them in sequence each day.

I had worn the leather/mesh combination; but last year switched to the all leather. When down in Florida a couple of weeks back, I played with Matt Davie, who was sporting his New Balance mesh (model #1004) and they looked to be lighter than my all leather ones.

To travel lightly for the one-week trip to Florida, I didn’t bring any tennis shoes; so just used a pair from the closet that was probably four years old. Well, shoes DO make a difference. After two matches, there was a new pain in my foot from wearing those old shoes; so I went to the Pelican Bay New Balance store to order my new shoes for the season and hope they had one pair in stock.

Here are the highlights of that visit:

– The Mesh model 1004 was a pricey $125 a pair.
– The store was running a summer sale and giving a 25% discount on buying three pairs of shoes; so they would have been $94 a pair.
– The all leather shoes (which you would have thought to be MORE expensive) were on sale at only $75 a pair.
– I asked the sales clerk to check the weight of the two models: and the all leather was about one ounce LIGHTER than the mesh.
– When I commented that the souls were different; she responded the leather one has “best support of any New Balance tennis shoe.”
– I asked them to order three pairs of 10/EE; and to my surprise they had three pair in stock! (And my foot pain is now gone).

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  1. Very interesting, George. I have been wearing NB for years-4E in my case. I get them for $59 from Midwest Sports usually. To the best of my knowledge they are not “seconds”.

  2. George: Being a fellow wide footer I too am a NB wearer. Have been wearing the mesh for several years–mainly because I thought they would breathe better during the match. Do you find a difference with the leather?— also, what model of leather did you purchase?

    dave – believe they are the 803s – geo

  3. After wearing the NB leather shoes for many years., I recently tried the NB mesh also because of Matt’s recommendation. The mesh are a little cooler but the traction is not as good on clay and the overall support is not as good. I just switched back to leather.

    Tom – another reason we are such compatible doubles partners!! geo

  4. They should have also given you the 10% Pelican Bay resident discount.
    Sorry that it’s 54 degrees there, it was 88 at 9 this morning.

    well, i will be there Sunday afternoon (mom problems) – geo

  5. K-SWISS. perhaps a bit heavier, but they offer best support for feet, and IMO that’s most important.

  6. George, what is the model number for the NB leather shoes. I wear NB too and, after my “painful” doubles experience playing with a sucky partner the other night, I ran so hard in my old, mesh NB shoes that I now have some new foot pain. I think I need to get some new shoes before Newks. Thanks, Marty

    Marty (and anyone else with the same question) – i am in NH and the shoes are in FL; but i believe they are 803’s – geo

    PS…. I was in the middle of a long post below and, for some reason, the web site froze on me, and I would up not only not finishing my post but it repeated itself. Sorry.

  7. You mean “soles!” (Just to let you know I read all your stuff…and enjoy it!)

    Spike – and i was an English major! tks and tks – geo

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