Mindboggling in Montreal

In case you missed it on Friday, Federer played a mindboggling match against Tsonga in fed2the Montreal Masters…

The young Frenchman played great, athletic tennis in the first set and took it in a tie breaker.

He then took an injury time out for an elbow problem and “went away” for the next 13 games… losing 11 of them!

So Rog, #1 in the world, won the second set 6-1 and is cruising, up TWO BREAKS at 5-1. Tsonga then “comes back to the match” and wins five consecutive games and Roger finds himself suddenly serving 5-6, love-40, triple match point!

Somehow, he gets out of the jam and brings it to a deciding third set tiebreaker. Again his is down triple match point, serving at 3-6 and he DOUBLE FAULTS.

Us tennis lowlifes always talk about not being “tournament tough” when we get beat; that seems to exactly what happened to The Fed in his first tournament back from a month off and new fatherhood. Mindboggling.

3 thoughts on “Mindboggling in Montreal

  1. It was mindboggling indeed, but I watched the entire match & had a different take. While he may have been a bit rusty, I think he got it in his head when he was up 5-1 in the 3rd set that the match was basically all over, that his opponent was injured & not playing well, & that all he (Federer) had to do was kick some dirt him. He let down, was not aggressive, & was waiting for Tsonga to beat himself. That never happened.

  2. if you play enough matches, eventually you’ll experience it all, the good, the bad, and the ugly. what’s great about tennis is you can’t run out of time like basketball or football. how many times has a basketball team totally outplayed another team at the end only to run out of time and lose, because they were too far behind early in the game. no clock in tennis.

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