Andy Roddick

Well, if you are Andy Roddick, how do you feel about your Wimbledon performance… roddick

Disappointed that you missed a backhand overhead put away on set point at 6-5 in the second set tie breaker?

Pleased that you played one of the best matches of your life and an all court game, with a serve that never left you and a backhand that finally was an offensive weapon?

Or, both.

I hope that he feels more of the second emotion than the first and can carry that positive emotion forward into the summer hard court season, leading up to the US Open (where I think he can be a real factor).

In case you have not heard, Andy dropped out of the upcoming Davis Cup tie againstmardy Croatia this weekend, citing a pulled hip flexor (that he got on that bad spill toward the end of the Federer match). Unfortunately up here in the woods of New Hampshire, we do not get Tennis Channel; so I cannot watch the Davis Cup. If you have it, the singles starts on Friday, with Mardy Fish replacing Andy against “Ivo The Giant” and Cilic – tough team.

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4 thoughts on “Andy Roddick

  1. George, I agree with your wishes for Andy Roddick. I hope his takeaway from this will be that he almost won Wimbledon against the most dominant player of all time, and is playing the best tennis of his life. But for a few little tweaks here and there, he very well could have won the match. In short, I hope he remains positive and continues to improve his game rather than getting negative that he lost. BTW, where in NH are you for the summer? I just came back from a long weekend in Londonderry, VT, where I have a second house. I was looking for somebody to play tennis with there but, alas, I did not realize you were only one state away. I will be traveling to VT several more times during the summer. – Marty

    Marty – we are on Lake Sunapee … with a Hartru court right next door! geo

  2. I think it will be tough for Andy to foreget how close he came. A high backhand volley is one of the toughest shots to hit , with the height of the ball, you have to make a split decision to hit the volley or let it go out. It was a great match and I hope Andy keeps playing smart all summer.

  3. i think andy roddick was awesome. he has gained more from this wimbledon than anyone could imagine. winning tennis is about confidence, and andy knows now he can beat anyone. watch how well he does this summer and in the us open.

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