Naples Doubles Tournament

Marc VanDam and I teamed up last night for our twice-rain-postponed first round doubles match in the 4.5 (any age) doubles down at Cambier Park, Naples.

Our opponents were two forty-something (Marc is also 41) local players who:

  • Had big serves,
  • Had huge topspin forehand drives,
  • Did not come in behind their serves,
  • Had weaker backhands,
  • But were quick enough to run around most shots to hit their big forehand weapons.

In the first set, they overpowered us, winning 6-3.

Then in the second set, I suggested to Marc: we need to stand within arm’s length of the net to take away that big dipping forehand (they tended NOT to lob). We did and successfully reversed fortunes to take the second set by the same 6-3 score.

For the third set, they went and got a new can of balls (we were not going to remind them that we could!). With several close games, we were up a break and then gave it back; so they were serving at 4-4.

Some people do NOT believe there are just a handful of key points that can determine the outcome of a match. I do. And one of them came as we started building some momentum and they were serving to me at 4-4, deuce, second serve.

I try to really attack second serves; but in this case just “smothered” my forehand into the net. They won the next point, the game, and then broke us to take the two-plus hour match 6-3, 3-6, 6-4.