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String update: So two weeks back, I did try a combination of NXT 16g multifilament string in the mains and a (yellow) Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 17 String for the crosses. I really did like the better feel, control, and topspin i was able to put on the ball, but ….

They lasted only nine days before they broke while I was playing in Connecticut!

One of my doubles opponents had done a fair amount of professional stringing and he thought having Babolat on the crosses really notched the softer NXT on the mains; and that I should switch the pattern.

He also had opinions on the whole subject of what and how to use strings, if you are trying to get feel, power, and/or spin WITHOUT the arm problems…

  • Hybrids: Use a combination of different strings (like he suggest above),
  • Gauge: On the solid core strings, use thinner 17 or even 18 gauge to minimize the vibration, increase the feel, and not worry about breaking.
  • Tension: On the solid core strings, really lower the string tension at least 10% / 5 pounds or more.

So, I am now having my racquet restrung with the same two strings; but with the solid core in the mains and the tension on that one at 55 lbs. We shall see.

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  1. If I’m not mistaken the more durable string would typically go in the mains as it is usually the mains that break. With your hybrid string job I assume you’re trying to achieve the best of both worlds, easy on the arm but with some durability. Tom Mcune is using Head ETS and seems to like it, although I don’t know how easy on the arm it is. As you well know we’re big fans of Technifiber and the Multifeel does offer some increased durability over the NRG2. It’s a tricky thing to achieve a great feel and durability.

    Pam – Logic says you are correct on the string pattern!  george

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