The Unaligned Line

One of the benefits of playing on clay is the ability to check the ball mark to confirm an In or Out call; but what happens if the court lines are UNaligned?

Take a look at the picture of the corner of the baseline on one court. The baseline extends beyond the sideline. (Sure, they should correct the situation). So if the ball strikes the baseline, BUT the portion of the line that is beyond the vertical of the sideline… is it in or out? I do not know the answer.

3 thoughts on “The Unaligned Line

  1. This picture is worth a thousand and ONE words!!!!! —–which doesn’t answer the question,however. ?????

  2. For doubles, the tennis court dimensions are 78′ by 36′. Assuming the vertical lines are positioned correctly, the overhang of the horizontal line is beyond 36′ and out of the regulation court. If you really want to be anal, have the pro re-measure the court.

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